Friday, October 29, 2010

Inside-Out California Roll

I just love making sushi and this is my favourite one with crab stick and avocado.  I have not been able to sucessfully put the edamame nicely onto the food pick without breaking it (like I did for the black grapes).  That's more for me to learn about bento-ing!

Bento No. 9

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bumble Bee

These bumble bees look more like fish to me without the food picks.  I inserted the bunny food picks into the tamagoyaki only showing its ears. It suppose to be the bumble bees' wings.  Guess, they need a bigger wings! I fill the bento with some carrots, brocolli, cheery tomatoes, black seedles grapes and a salmon onigiri.   

Bento No. 8

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juz Sushi!

Bento No. 7
This week, I'm getting lazy and my boy is not feeling well due to running nose and cough. I made a simple sushi lunch with baked salmon and cucumber. My boy love sushi!

Cat or Rabbit?

Haha, this was created out of my imagination.  And my boy cannot decide whether it is a cat or a bunny.  I wanted to make the little red fox, Eddy from the cartoon series named "Pororo the Little Penguin".  Well, I definitely have to work a lot harder though.

Bento No. 6

Little Piglet

Finally, I can post in my blog.  I felt so helpless when the application is faulty.

Bento No. 5
This is the little piglet I made with hard-boiled egg last week. I immersed the hard-boiled egg in the beetroot soup which yield a not-so pinky color but orange beige.  Before the preparation, I thought it would turn out pink but on the contrary, it does not. To make the bento has a feel of 'spring', I added some carrots in the shape of flower and edamame for its lime green color. At the bottom is a mix of macaronic and wholemeal spiral pasta.  Yum, my boy finished his lunchbox indeed!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smiling Panda and Purple Elephant

Bento No. 3

Bento No. 4
 I used purple sweet potato to create the lilac colour of the elephant.  An idea inspired by Kids Dream, Your Dream.  To make the Smiling Panda, I mimicked the the fruit pick I bought from Daiso.  Not too bad and the teachers at my son's school complimented his bento.  Cute! 

My first experience with bento box

Bento No. 1

Bento No. 2
This is my first experience making bento lunch box.  I'm still an amateur and hopefully, I can create more beautiful and cute ones with intricate design.